The Good, The Bad, and The Uncertainty Regarding NFT Worlds

Sales of NFT Worlds all time

From My Perspective

As the founder of our build team, I look for platforms / Metaverses where we can best express creativity in designing virtual spaces. From that perspective NFT Worlds is great because it’s very easy to build for.

What You’re Actually Buying

Let’s take a quick look at what someone gets when they are buying a NFT Worlds NFT.

The Good

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about all the good things with the project.


This mod enables builders to create worlds very quickly and efficiently. It was first released in 2010, and used by almost every builder in Minecraft. This allows builders to create very epic structures.

Graphical Shaders

Most of the people who don’t play Minecraft think it looks like this:


ReplayMod is a lesser-used mod which enable builders/players to record their gameplay. It’s mainly used by builders to record themselves building a structure and then used later on to make timelapse videos.

The Bad

I’m not here to fud on anyone’s bags and I’m happy for anyone who made 100x ROI from flipping their NFTs. Also, I want to put a disclaimer that I personally do not own any NFT Lands, so take this with that in mind.

It’s “building on top” of Minecraft, which is absolutely not open source

One thing I don’t like about the language used in NFT Worlds is that it’s “bootstrapping the NFT Worlds platform with Minecraft”. To me, this statement implies that Minecraft is open-source and allows developers to build on top of it freely.

There isn’t anything proprietary about NFTWorlds

There are other projects that are built on top of Minecraft. One that comes to mind and came before NFT Worlds is Etherlands. And they’re also selling land as NFTs.

Brands cannot create builds for their business

Microsoft explicitly states this in their terms of service under Constructed Promotions in Minecraft. Here’s the full guidelines.

And The Uncertainty

There are a lot of unresolved questions. Here’s just some of them.

  • Is Microsoft going to allow Play2Earn, via $WRLD?
  • How will Microsoft view NFT Worlds? Is it a mod? A private server?
  • How will Microsoft handle potential bad press around NFT projects using Minecraft to promote them?

Bull Case

In this scenario, I see Microsoft buy out NFT Worlds as a fast way to get into the Metaverse. The deal could be similar to Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT Studios (anyone else have to make sure they spelled it right, or just me?). In this scenario, everyone’s bags pump and it’s a great outcome for everyone.

Bear Case

Microsoft decides to shut down NFT Worlds because it violates their terms of service. Or that they find it hard to control all the projects building on top of Minecraft and decide to shut them all down. This could be due to some of these projects creating lots of bad press, and the bad press being passed onto Minecraft.


I founded Tentango, an Esports team, where creativity is the sport. Our team designs and builds virtual worlds in The Sandbox as well as NFT Worlds.



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Jack Liu

Jack Liu

Digital marketing entrepreneur with a background in engineering, paid advertising, and product development. Founder of Tentango.